About Midwest Learning Group

The Midwest Learning Group (MLG) is a not-for-profit incorporated in the State of Illinois and an educational company specializing in professional tutoring and life coaching of teenagers through young to mid adults.

The mission of Midwest Learning Group is to assist local and statewide school districts with the overall enhancement of social, academic and enrichment of professional job skills. Thus, allowing students and the schools to achieve academic success in order to move forward in their academic careers.

Midwest Learning Group (MLG) offers a wide range of academic subjects. We are strategically located in inner city Chicago. We tutor and mentor students on site but possess the technical capabilities to coach via the Zoom platform. Due to the current CDC guideline restrictions, we utilize Zoom to tutor or coach clients.

Student Coaching/Tutoring Sessions

Midwest Learning Group currently offers in/out-of-school programs in a wide range of topics for more than 350 at-risk elementary and high school youth, including: Mentoring Source, Resource Management, Interviewing Skills, Life Skills, Tutoring, Basic Computer Skills Training, and Fitness & Health Awareness

Life Coaching Packages

MLG offers package deals for ongoing clients. Clients may want to work with a coach over a period to explore life transitions, relationships, career or professional growth, or lifestyle changes. The more sessions and interaction provided in the package, the higher the cost—although the more savings per session.

Life Coaching

A life coach helps clients attain personal and professional goals. People commonly seek coaching help with relationships, career, developing positive habits, dealing with stress, and spirituality. Life coaching can be a one-time meeting or an ongoing professional relationship. Meetings can take place in the client’s home or office, the life coach’s studio, or via Zoom.


Thousands of Happy Students All Around the World

Working with career coaches at MLG has really helped me to excel in my corporate position.
Marissa G.
Taught me how to become a better version of myself.
Tavante L.
They really level the academic playing field for students.
Sweta J.